AutoLyrics is a tool to create lyric tracks. It is not for us to datamine, gather data, or process/use your data for any other purpose than to allow the site to function. The Oauth login is purely to stop spam users/bots and to try to rate limit the use of the tool. We have no interest in your personal data at all. Here is what we do do:

  • The Oauth providers (facebook, google, discord) give us your name
  • We store your oauth login in a database so you can retrieve your tracks
  • Nothing else.

Here is what we do not do:

  • Share your data (name!)
  • Sell your data (name!)

Should you want your name/oauth removed, you can do this from your oauth provider management page or you can mail us at site @ and we will remove it on our end - you will lose access to your track history/downloads as your oauth login will no longer be in the database with the tracks linked to it.
Hopefully this will fulfill the needs/requirements of the Oauth Providers to be sure that we are not misusing the names provided by the oauth login - it would be a shame to have to revert to using conventional account creation methods. :)